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StandardENISO20345:2004 + (A1:2007)

Protection CategoryS1 U A WRU

Usage AreaOccupational Safety

Body Distribution36-48 /3-12

Inner Height 60mm ±5mm

Upper 1.8-2.0 mm Suede, breathable upper leather

Inner Lining 100% polyamide inner lining with high abrasion resistance, absorbent sweat and drying in a short time.

Sole Technology*Dual density polyurethane sole technology.


* It provides the most appropriate comfort to the user thanks to its shock absorption and softness.

* Hydrolyzed, abrasion and slip resistant polyurethane outsole.

Additional Features *Plastic toe cap providing protection up to 200 J.

* Not Detected in Metal Detector

*Display on X-ray scan

*Stainless feature

Outcrop Anatomically shaped, removable, breathable open cell polyurethane outcrop.

Weight1120gr / Pair (42)