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Standard ENISO20345:2004 + (A1:2007)

Protection Category S1 A E

Usage Area Occupational Safety

Body Distribution 36-48

Inner Height 60mm±5mm

Upper 1.8 -2.0 mm suede, breathable upper leather and 100% polyamide outer fabric laminated with felt.

Inner Lining 100% polyester inner lining that has high abrasion resistance, absorbs sweat and dries in a short time.

Sole Technology

Dual density polyurethane sole technology.


Thanks to its shock absorption and softness, it provides the user with the most appropriate comfort.

Hydrolysis, abrasion and slip resistant polyurethane outsole.

Additional Features Steel toe cap providing protection up to 200 J.

Outcrop Anatomically shaped, removable, breathable open cell polyurethane outcrop.

Weight1100 g / PAIR (42)