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Lining Material: Seamless Cotton Lining


Coating Material: Nitrile


Bracelet Model: Knitted Bracelet


Color: Yellow


DESCRIPTION: Designed for use in applications where wear resistance is required. Thanks to its half coating, it is ensured that the hands breathe. It is designed to provide the right mechanical protection for medium duty jobs. It is one of the most economical options in light work environments.




It is suitable for use in intensive mechanical work in almost every industry. Perfect for use in many assembly operations, packaging processes, handling and lifting jobs. It can be used in all dry and low oil environment processes where there is a risk of cutting.


Product features:


EN388-Wear 3


En388-Cut 1


EN388-Tear 1


EN388-Puncture 1




CE EN 388 4111, Size: 10, Name / Box: 360, Name / Package: 12