Baymax S501 Dual Purpose glasses are designed for oxygen welding professionals. The opening and closing glasses part provides practical use. They protect against a wide variety of risk factors, including thermal and chemical risks. All the products we produce have been tested according to EN standards. The EN standards of the product you are viewing shown in below: EN 166 - Personal Eye Protection EN 170 - Personal Eye Protection with Ultraviolet Filters

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High quality Polycarbonate goggles.
Open-close design, both transparent view and for welding.
Breathing design thanks to its valves.
It covers the eye and its surroundings completely with its wide surface.
In autoclave devices, it is suitable for 15-20 minutes of sterilization with pressurized water steam at 121 degrees Celsius.
It provides high protection against chemical, thermal and mechanical risk factors.
You can choose the body color you want for your high quantity purchases.
Packaged by sterilization.
Weight: 122 g

Baymax S501 Dual Purpose is specifically designed to protect against the following risk factors:
Welding Risks: Provides protection against eye risks that may occur during welding.
UV radiation: Filters against dangerous ultraviolet radiation rays.
Chemical risks: Provides protection against chemical liquid droplets and splashes, large and fine dust particles.
Thermal risks: Provides safety against liquid chemical splashes, infectious diseases, molten metals and intense radiation emissions.

Mechanical risks: tested and approved with 6mm Steel Shot, 45 meters / second force.

Baymax S501 Dual Purpose glasses provide excellent performance regardless of working conditions.

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